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Safe Shopper

I chose life! I opted not to go out in the throngs of would be bargain buyers and saved myself the terrible death of being trampled (so sad this actually happens)…instead I shopped from the comfort of my own living room! I still got some great deals and I did not have to wait in long lines! I would recommend this route to anyone!

Now I am watching “Welcome Home Charlie Brown”! Pour guy misspelled Beagle and when he got home I could not help but feel sad that his mom and dad were not right there to give him a big snuggle and tuck him in. LOL, I know it’s just a cartoon, but seriously if it was me I would have needed a BIG snuggle after such an epic fail. *Just saying*


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Oh Lord, you are so good. You who hung every star in the sky and know them each by name, I marvel at your greatness, and wish I could grasp a better knowledge of you. Lord I can only imagine how great your love for us is, sometimes I think I begin to understand and then something happens and I find myself again just grasping at straws utterly in awe of you and who you are. Would that I could fathom your love to the true heights that it fly’s or depths that it dwells but as it is now all I can do is say thank you for utterly changing my life. 

Thank you for your word Lord, and how I can learn so much about your mercy and faithfulness in it. I read it and although I might not always understand it I know that in whole it is the most beautiful love story ever told. It is truly amazing. Lord thank you for not giving up on mankind, for loving us so much that you sent your only son to die in our place, you paid the price so we could once again find our completeness in you. 

Lord this thanksgiving I pray that all who are lost will be found, all who are seeking will find and that in this great nation my neighbors and fellow Americans will once again remember the great principles on which this country was founded…and in humility and awe turn to you in one remembering who they should be giving thanks too. 

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I never promised you anything…not even a single thing, so hopefully you won’t be disappointed.

I am going to do something either very brave or very stupid and “come out” of the proverbial closet…not the “I’m gay” one but the other closet that everyone has at least one dark secret in. I am going to tell you that *hold’s breath* I….well, I am a Christian. There I said it! I don’t know why I have been tip toeing around this except for the fact that being a Christian these days is so very unpopular, and often I find that when I let people know what my faith is they tend to just sort of role there eyes and say “oohh she’s one of those”. I always think yep, yep I am one of those people who will love you no matter what, always speak truth in love, never “bible bang you” and try my very best to share the reason for my hope in Jesus to anyone who will listen. They don’t mean it like that though…they mean one of those “say your a Christian types” who only “say” and never “do”. They automatically toss me into the category of hypocrites, hatemongers, and judgmental fakers, which sadly many people who claim to be Christians are today, but that does not mean that I am and really by just assuming the worst it does us both such a huge disservice.

How can I show you that I am the real deal if you have already drawn your own conclusion about me?

How can I become a friend if you have already decided that I am most likely the type that does not “play well with others”?

I tell you now this simply will not do! You must give me the benefit of at least checking me out! I make a really good friend, or at least I try my very best and what more can be said in that regard? I am so, so, so sorry if you have been hurt or driven away from ever wanting anything to do with God or any of the quote “Christians” who follow Him because of something bad that happened to you, or some disservice done to you, or any other multitude of terrible possibilities. I apologize on behalf of the entire Christian faith and ask, oh please may I have a clean slate!?!

Thanks a heap! Your the best! Now I am sure to be put to the test…here’s to hoping I don’t disappoint, but oh blast, I am just a human and a Christian at that. 

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I am too young to feel this old!

Today I moved a huge hutch and dinning room table set, not alone mind you but still it was a lot of heavy lifting. I learned two important things about myself!

1) I am stronger than I thought.

2) I should never do this again because now I hurt all over. Seriously, I am not old enough to feel like this.

So yeah for me, I think whenever we discover new things about ourselves it is cause for celebration…although I may have had a sneaking suspicion that I am slowly getting older I had no idea my weak little girly arms could haul so much weight!!!

Ugh, now to bed…so early you say? I told you already, I am getting old! 😛   

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Sometimes I think I have a bottle neck of voices all trying to get out of me. My ideas all cram into one tight space and try as I might I can’t seem to get them to come out in the right order. That is the issue I am currently dealing with, as I sit in my oh so comfy chair, trying to organize my thoughts so as to provide you (my dear reader…if in fact there is anyone) with something worth reading.

Why do you suppose this happens even to the best of writers? Do you suppose we just get stage fright? The pressure of being judged for the content of our page becomes to heavy of a burden to bear and so we just clam up? It can be a daunting  task sometimes, to say anything with depth or meaning and so I think we need to allow ourselves the freedom to, on occasion,  just be. Don’t worry about what others may think. Don’t over analyse every word that you type, don’t try to be brilliant or entertain the masses, simply write for the pure joy of hearing the keys press down or the love you had at first when writing was new and exciting and not this daunting task it can sometimes become. Somehow, simply just try again and don’t worry about the rest.

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Every night between the merry hours of 7pm and 10pm I try my best to get down an often alarmingly hot thermos bottle of tea. I allow the beverage to steep a bit and then I sit patiently waiting for it to cool. The thought has on several occasions occurred to me that I should in fact add ice to the beverage thus hastening the cooling process but I find that adding ice waters it down. How a beverage composed of water can then become watered down is something of a mystery to me but believe me, my taste buds can tell the difference.

Slowly cooling,

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