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How are you dear friend?

It has been too long.

Now the time has come to reacquaint ourselves with each-other and our own unique expressions.

I know it’s a chore.

Yes, I know it’s a task that requires some tenderness and yet a firm grasp, lest you slip away.

Refusing to share, refusing to play.

It’s not safe you say?

Why whatever do you mean? I simply wish you to converse with me!

Ah, well I see, that’s not exactly true, I really want you to bare your soul and let me tear into you.

Oh, dear me, what did you say…no of course not darling I would never.

You simply heard wrong please, you must clean those ears, I would never say tear I said peer of course peer!

I can see now why you hesitate.

Why that’s simply absurd, I am merely a place, a space if you will, for you to come and have your fill of writing and reading and dreaming and being…and who cares if all the world see’s?

Don’t you dream?


Well then, please presently write it here!

Now good day my dear!


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