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My Hearts Desire

Tonight I feel You whispering in my ear. “You are precious”.

“Far more than rubies or gold, come find your worth in me”. 

Tonight I feel Your loving arms even if only in my heart.

My lover, my treasure, my hearts greatest desire, You are my all in all. 

I know You knit me together in time and space.

Wove me in the womb.

Still sometimes I wonder why now, and why here…and think of how often and badly I’ve failed.

How can You still love me, knowing my disgrace?

Your mercy is so out of place.

I don’t deserve it, none of us do, but never mind them I can only think about You.

Oh how I love You, my savior and King!

Glory and honor are all that I long to bring, they are my hearts greatest desire.

Let me magnify your name.

I long to please you my King, to spend my days about Your business.

I want to obey You, since I know You know best!

If You say go, I will go, and if You say stay I will stay.

When you call I will answer, I will not attempt to hide my ways…there is no place I can go.

You see me in my entirety and love me all the same.

Thank you so much!

My Lord, my God, my King.   


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