He’s Alive, and no I don’t mean Frakenstein

My friend and I doing worship sign for “Christ is Risen”. I meant to re-shoot it with just me in better lighting and then post it on here but I have not had the time. I may update this in the future, but for now you get the point! Be blessed this Easter!


Falling Plates

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She Said Yes!!

My precious daughter

Today, is a very good day! Today my darling little girl, with the faith of a child prayed and asked Jesus into her heart! I have known no greater joy as a mother…then the joy that welled up in me this morning as my little girl who is little more than two years old took that first step. I have been praying for this day since before she was born, that God would reveal himself to her in such a way that her little heart would understand and that as soon as she was able that she would accept Him as her savior! My prayers have been answered today. I know she understands only with a child’s understanding and yet I know that Jesus has kindled His light in her on this day all the same! Rejoice with me!!

I think we need…

I think we need to stop and wait a sec, see the peeps that God has set…on top of His world reign. They were His chosen until Messiah came now we are all invited to be a part of His flock! I hope you will sit back and listen while I unfold the plot! See long time ago God spoke and BANG…and well that’s in the beginning, but after that came a whole lot of stuff, cool stuff, good stuff, and a lot that’s not, but that’s our fault(the bad stuff I mean) and we all must pay, till Christ came and you see He saved the day! So now out respect when our for-fathers came to begin and set forth the foundation of this great nation, we knew God then, and we sought to include Him in all that we did, don’t believe me, just read some of the original proclamations. We once were a God fearing nation! Now I don’t disagree that our President lies, or tries to hide, but I do know who is ultimately in control and I believe He would want us to continue our ties with the Israeli Nation! Maybe, it’s this rich heritage of always protecting God’s chosen that makes our current elected leader Bow as you say to the “Wizard”.

I quote myself here…it’s a comment I left on somebody else’s page. I just liked the rhythm and flow so even though you don’t really know what this is in reference too I thought I would be true to myself and post it anyway.  

The One True God of the universe invites YOU to follow Him, He longs to fellowship with you, walk with you, and to share even your smallest problem. I pray with all my heart that you will accept His invitation. Nothing would make me happier…than to know that you have chosen to follow after God…nothing would bring me greater joy. You see, I love you…but God loves you more. To be without Him voluntarily…to not accept this invitataion…that is the greatest tragedy of anyones life. I know this may sound strange to some of you, I know I may sound dramatic but right now I would do anything to share just a taste of what I have found in Jesus with you. To somehow make you see and feel how precious He is and how much richer your life would be if you would choose to walk with Him. Oh…how I love you, and how my heart breaks for you…all who are lost…all who are hurting and broken. I pray you are found and that you allow the great physician to heal you.

I Dare You

I don’t have time to tell you everything or maybe I am just to afraid, but suffice it to say that I need your prayers. Today I am starting a hard thing…today I am choosing to do all that I can to protect myself and my marriage from “the slow fade”. I love my husband but I need to learn to love him more. Today in spite of my fears that you may misjudge me I announce that I am starting “The Love Dare”. My relationship with my husband is not bad but there is always roomfor improvement. I want to do all that I can to love him more completely. I want to honor him more completely, I want him to know my love is in all that I do. I want my walk with God to grow and change in this time too as He shows me what real love means. Hopefully as I complete each challenge God will change me through and through…I pray He will give me a new understanding and a greater love for both Him and my spouce…and I hope you will pray for me too. The Love Dare is a forty day challenge and so I will be writing about this as it goes…feel free to join me if you so wish, I would love to know I am not alone. I understand though that being the one to make the step is often hard and scary. All I can say is fear not, and I dare you! 

On a night that we know was so full of people, who had come to be counted, that there was no room in the inn for a king, our savior was born in a cave or a stable the humblest place for such a babe.

On the hilltops dusted with dew and wrapped in the bleating of sheep the very heavens opened with glorious singing to give lowly shepherds a peek.

Can you imagine there terror and excitement to hear and see the angels song? Or can you fathom the wild rhythm their hearts were beating along? The Lord of lords, and King of kings had finally come and they had been chosen to herald the hour!!  Oh what a blessing…who would believe them?

A miraculous birth as the living God was born into this world…a majestic gift for all who would come to know Him.

He was salvation wrapped in swaddling clothes and laying in a manger!

The fulfilling of phophets, from ages ago…who fortold of the messiah…a helpless babe come to one day help all mankind.