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Or…not.  I have been trying this past month or so to set up my house in such a way that it will be easy to maintain and keep clean. It is no small task considering the sheer amount of stuff we have managed to amass over these past five years ( that’s how long my husband and I have been married). I don’t need all this stuff and since we are moving to Japan I know we can’t take it all with us so I have been going room to room, space, to space decluttering/ cleaning each space. I have been taking “before and after” shots of each space so maybe I will do a longer entry with pics a bit later (after the fact).

In any case this said, I realized today that I have an alarmingly short amount of time left before my land lords would like to put the house on the market and an extremely long “to do” list before it is ready. Can anyone say AHHHHHHH!!!! To make matters more complicated…because they want to put the house on the market in May and we do not move till June this means packing a lot of our stuff and storing it at friends houses until right before we move when I will then have to bring everything back and unpack it so that the military will pack it all for us and be “responsible” for the shipment. It is just a lot of work and I am feeling overwhelmed. Any words of encouragement and much prayer would be appreciated!!!




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