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Lord, guide me as I write tonight. 

I have to serve You out of the overflow, out of the well if you will. I need to be full first though and so I read Your word…I search to know You deeply, I look to seek Your face. I think of all who have come before me, patriarchs of amazing faith. I can learn so much about You by studying their faith, all the ways that You supplied for them, guided them, and gave them a better place. I know this is Your heart for us, Your children, You want to give us good. I thank You for Your love for me and the way You show me daily that You have a plan for me. One that is for my good and not to bring me ruin, I trust You know whats best even when the road ahead is hard because I know You are just building my character, You are making me strong. I will persevere, I will finish the race and it will all be for You Lord and because of Your amazing grace. See, You are the one that empowers me, You guide me and give me peace, You are the glue that binds me and holds me to my place. You never will forsake me and You came to take my place, on that tree You hung there, when it should have been me. I can’t say thank you enough…I can’t say…Just know that I love You and I will spend the rest of my days glorifying You and singing Your praise. 

Lord, forgive me. Their are so many people who are lost. They don’t know You…or they don’t want to and I can’t change their hearts…I know that only You can do that…but I still try. I feel like I keep slamming myself against this stone wall willing it to break and instead the people leer at me, you know the expression on their face. They think that I am a lunatic, though all I seek to do is love, I am gentle in my approach…I don’t Bible thump. I recognize that You are a gentleman You want to be invited in…and yet the world makes You stay outside…they have not been trained to do what is right. In this world where wrong is right and night is day…everyone tries to hide away and all seem hurt and lost, You shine your light, it’s ever so bright and I just want to soak it in so that ones again I can meet the rock with my limbs and maybe it will budge. You said faith can move a mountain…well help me break this rock! 


In Jesus Name, Amen. 


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I love redemptive stories. I love seeing seemingly bad people encounter something or someone and have their lives so utterly shaken that they are never the same and instead become better for it. Have many of you been watching Once Upon a Time? I think Regina is in for one such transition and I am hoping that Rumple will too become (dare I say) good? Is it silly to want the “bad guys” to become good? I think it is that thing inside of me that says know one is beyond reach…the part of me that holds out in hope that even the most jaded or ruthless people can have life changing encounters with God and forever be changed for the better. I have seen it…I am it. In some ways I was one of those hopeless people, I was lost in alcohol and witchcraft before my encounter with God and when I finally surrendered my heart and my life to Him the transformation was nearly instantaneous and it was awesome. God is so faithful and so good. I was seriously lost and had I not been found I would have been doomed to spend eternity away from the very one who created me and loved me enough to humble himself and die on a cross for me. It’s mind boggling  that the very creator of the universe, the God who placed every star in all of the known space (and all of the unknown space too for that matter) would care enough about something seemingly so insignificant that He sought a way to mend the gap between us. I love You Lord God. I thank You. Thank you for showing me the beauty in my own redemptive story and giving me the faith, and hope to see even the worst “bad guy” become “good” because they had a life changing moment with you! Because You love them…and you know what, so do I…you gotta love those “Bad guys”…it’s only the transforming power of encountering Your love that could ever change anyone…and we as your disciples are called to love everyone too. I don’t have to love what they do, or how they live their lives…but I can still choose to love them because You do! I know You do because I know You loved me enough to reach down and pull me out of the deep pit I was in…and I was definitely a “Bad guy”. 

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