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My heart is heavy thinking about all the lies the world so easily believes about who God is and is not. Even now I know many people who believe they are God…or that there is no God. I know more who think that the universe is just a big cosmic energy and that we are all this energy and so on and so forth…no purpose, no meaning…

God gave me a purpose, He designed me with a plan in mind. He wove me together in my mothers womb intricately and with great detail leaving nothing undone that was not meant to be so. He determined that I would know and love Him, showed Himself faithful in answering prayer, delivering me from darkness and proving He was there.

While Satan works overtime to rob you of the truth, God came and died for you to show you of your worth. Scientist compel us to believe we evolved from an ape like species, no design but simply an accident…wondering how many had to die before evolution got it just right.

What a lie.
I don’t know what I can do…and I know it won’t be enough…when a whole world is pushing and shoving and struggling, the majority lost…I can’t imagine what I can do to undo the destruction…I can stand and shout the truth but who will listen? I live the proof, but still you turn away writing my living testimony off like it’s just a play. Well when the last act is finished and the curtain drops you better believe that everyone will kneel, everyone will drop…they won’t be able to deny the coming King in glory as He rides across the sky.

Every tongue will be declaring that Jesus Christ is Lord. My heart just aches so heavily for all who refuse Him now…please stop, please I am begging you…you are so precious…I love you, Jesus loves you, that’s why he gave his life for you…what’s so hard about believing and receiving that gift? Is it that you don’t like commitment, don’t want to be tied down? Maybe you want to be P.C. afraid to take a stand, don’t want to have to accept that someone is right and someone is wrong…instead lets all just get a long? I do you a disservice for letting you live that way…it’s nice to get along but I don’t want to see you perish due to my cowardly.

Let me tell you…Jesus is the only way…all the rest are naught. All roads do not lead to heaven and all god’s are NOT!!!! Oh please believe me!!!!

Lord God, remove their blinds…let them see you Glory divine!! Holy, holy, holy is the Lord almighty, His glory fills the whole earth…creation sings his praises and renders man without excuse. Stop with your stubbornness…break yee hard of hearts!!! Surrender and gain your freedom…or else you will be lost.


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What do you think?

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I wanna know…what do you think? Do you think it’s just a cop out or do you understand that I, as a disciple of Jesus (one of His followers), can love you on one hand but on the other not support your life style, or some of your choices? Is that still okay? Can you still love me even though we wont ever agree on some very pivotal things? Like what? You ask. Well for starters, I love my gay friends…but I do not agree that gay marriage is right, not because I don’t want my friends to be happy but because God’s word says it’s wrong. I love my friends who have been divorced, but I don’t generally agree with divorce.  Marriage is a sacred covenant, created by God, intended to be an example of how He loves His church…it’s not to be entered into lightly or taken for granted, or made a mockery off.  I love my friends who have made the heart breaking mistake of having abortions but I do not think abortions are right…because the  Bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made, that we are knit together in our mothers womb and that God knows us intimately before we are ever born…that baby has just as much “rights” as any other human being in America…or at least they should. Are you starting to see??? We don’t have to agree…but we can still be friends…right? Maybe not. It’s mostly up to you.

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It does not make sense that in a room so full I could ever feel so alone.
Outside the room are more people still yet I have far from left a mark…
Not even a spark.
Nope no flickering flame here…
Know one can see me.
Nothing I do matters as I have no lasting effect..
No words of substance,
Nothing that makes a dent.
I am lost in my own bitter world and the armor I wear is soooo thick.
The pin prick of the fake hello you utter bounces off with such a loud revereb it makes me want to shutter.
I do kind of feel sick.
Why even acknowledge me?
You don’t really care!
I bet you would not even notice if I slipped right past..
I know you would not miss me if I just failed to ever come back…
Other people have…
Failed to come back I mean.
I don’t see anyone chasing them down
Accept maybe me.
I am hoping to share that I really care that I might understand what they are feeling…
That I too have a date with my switch blade…
At least I know it will show.
Seriously though, you make me so mad!!
What the hell is this feeling?
I can’t quite get a grab of the way it is pounding and drowning out my soul
It’s wrapped it’s claws around my skull and it’s never letting go.
The pastor says we war not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities…
But all I know is that in the darkness everyone looks the same
 Friend or foe I just don’t know, what  can rid me of the pain…
The pain of my depression.
Then in the night when I think all is lost in the deepest and darkest despair,
A twisted breath
A shutter as death makes it’s pass over…
I breath a sigh as You pass by and block the fatal blow
I see a light
That pierces the night
It gives me sight
A glimpse if you will
Of what I might be
Because a man named Jesus died for me…
Except He’s more than a man
He’s God’s ultimate plan!
And He came to set the captives free!
Don’t you see, it’s in Him I find my face
He knows my true insides and does not turn away.
To Him I am beautiful
He has made me clean!
Even now the depression is just a fleeting thing…
A  whisp of a memory.


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