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My heart is heavy thinking about all the lies the world so easily believes about who God is and is not. Even now I know many people who believe they are God…or that there is no God. I know more who think that the universe is just a big cosmic energy and that we are all this energy and so on and so forth…no purpose, no meaning…

God gave me a purpose, He designed me with a plan in mind. He wove me together in my mothers womb intricately and with great detail leaving nothing undone that was not meant to be so. He determined that I would know and love Him, showed Himself faithful in answering prayer, delivering me from darkness and proving He was there.

While Satan works overtime to rob you of the truth, God came and died for you to show you of your worth. Scientist compel us to believe we evolved from an ape like species, no design but simply an accident…wondering how many had to die before evolution got it just right.

What a lie.
I don’t know what I can do…and I know it won’t be enough…when a whole world is pushing and shoving and struggling, the majority lost…I can’t imagine what I can do to undo the destruction…I can stand and shout the truth but who will listen? I live the proof, but still you turn away writing my living testimony off like it’s just a play. Well when the last act is finished and the curtain drops you better believe that everyone will kneel, everyone will drop…they won’t be able to deny the coming King in glory as He rides across the sky.

Every tongue will be declaring that Jesus Christ is Lord. My heart just aches so heavily for all who refuse Him now…please stop, please I am begging you…you are so precious…I love you, Jesus loves you, that’s why he gave his life for you…what’s so hard about believing and receiving that gift? Is it that you don’t like commitment, don’t want to be tied down? Maybe you want to be P.C. afraid to take a stand, don’t want to have to accept that someone is right and someone is wrong…instead lets all just get a long? I do you a disservice for letting you live that way…it’s nice to get along but I don’t want to see you perish due to my cowardly.

Let me tell you…Jesus is the only way…all the rest are naught. All roads do not lead to heaven and all god’s are NOT!!!! Oh please believe me!!!!

Lord God, remove their blinds…let them see you Glory divine!! Holy, holy, holy is the Lord almighty, His glory fills the whole earth…creation sings his praises and renders man without excuse. Stop with your stubbornness…break yee hard of hearts!!! Surrender and gain your freedom…or else you will be lost.


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The light is so subtle as it creeps steadily through my curtains like a military force slowly advancing on it’s target. As the light comes, it dispels the darkness and I am left feeling clean and alive once more. There was a part of me that truly loved the night a long time ago…I used to prefer to live in it and instead sleep in the day, but that was before I met Him.

Before I met Him so many things were different about me. I thought that night was better than day…more mysterious, more opportunity to do things that must be hidden. It was all dark and sinister…and I loved it. I used to think that if vampires were real I could find them only in the night and with the love of blood and sex everything would be alright…I could live forever! Yes this was before the twilight craze…before vampires lived in the day. In that time I practiced witchcraft too…longing to bring true love my way…tired I guess, even then, of all the subtle games that I played trying to get what I thought I wanted. Desperately seeking for someone to find me, love me, lead me, and see me…but how could they? It was to dark to see me, I was to ugly to love, all twisted up and brokenly confused…until You.

It was night when I met You too…I ponder this now thinking You must have known that You would have to woo me back out of the night and into the light. You met me on my turf. You sought me out, and when I laid bare all that I was in those terrifyingly quite moments you took me in your arms and washed me clean. To You I was not ugly, to You I was not used, to You I was a treasure and You showed me all that I had been loosing by believing the lie that living in the night was all that I deserved. You showed me that light is stronger than darkness, and that a price had been laid on my head, like a bounty hunter You found me and said that You had already paid the lynch man off, You had surrendered the cost and if I would only accept this truth, this selfless gift then I could know what true love meant. Then, with a mind that was screaming and a heart that was beating so violently I thought it might rip free from it’s rib cage enclosure, carefully creeping on trembling toe’s painstakingly slow…you led me from darkness into glorious day, and I will never be the same!

Now my love affair is with the day, and I ache and long for the light, for the truth to shine and the lies and things that are hidden to be exposed and dispelled. Light conquers darkness, and You reign in my heart, you set me apart, you call me your own and now I am home…home in the light. I say goodbye to the night.

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