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I really want to know you,

Is it merely pride that keeps you at bay?

What is really wrong here,

I wish that you would say.

I can not stand the silence…

why do you treat me this way?

Don’t you know how much I care?

Can’t you see all that’s out there?

So much that is to be delighted in and instead you just whine…

You are so ungrateful, not even asking why.

As if I have failed to do enough for you…

I gave my very life for you…and you still just laugh me off.

I keep coming softly closer,

but you keep telling me off.

I know you think that I am just a fable,

a product of some man.

Inside I know you know the truth, but it’s hard for you to understand.

See I made you with a hunger,

and a never-ending thirst.

I said that you will find me,

If you will simply look.

Don’t look with the eyes of man,

that have taught you to be afraid.

Instead you must search blindly, that’s how you develop faith.

Don’t worry you wont be “blind” for long I just want you to trust me.

My vast character,

my grand plan…

to paint the sky with another sunrise or sunset,

to give you another heart beat and yes another breath.

I can not let you go yet…

no, not just yet…

not until you know the reason…

I died to pay your debt.

It’s because I love you with a never-ending love

far beyond what you’ve ever known.

I want to give you the chance to grow in that love and learn to love me back.

We could have something great, something that will truly last,

because I will never leave you and you will never want to look back at what life used to be like without me.

You see I have been waiting for you all of your entire life.

Waiting for you to notice me and give me a chance.

I will prove myself to you…I don’t get scared of a fight,

you can argue with me and test me, I won’t run and hide.

I won’t trow a fit because you’ve made me wait…instead I will just quietly say…


Follow me.

Let me be your guide,

I know all the best routes, and while you have been carrying that heavy burden all your life,

come and trade it for mine…

for my yolk is easy, my burden is light.

This is not a trick,

I am not a salesman, I won’t cost you more than you can pay.

Plus I’ll provide for you, all that you need to make it through each day.

I will never let you down.

You can really trust me, and while you are growing in your relationship with me

I will help you to become more than you ever dreamed plus a man of integrity or a women of purity.

In me you will find such joy, and peace past your understanding,

I really just want to set you free of all things that make you look sadly.

Things you are not so proud of…things you’ed rather not share

Things you don’t dare…to even say.

I already know them…and I am ready to take them away.

Salvation is yours, it’s my gift to you.

Freedom, and love…honesty and integrity, joy, peace, hope and me…all of me, for you see I am Immanuel; God with you.

If you just read this and something inside you said “yes” and now for the first time you want to give your life to God, let’s pray together.

Lord Jesus, I know how scary it is to try new things, and I know that this person may be feeling unsure and afraid. I ask that you would give them peace right now and help them to understand what it is you have done for them I pray that they will give their hearts to you and live the rest of their lives joyfully in your service.  Please help them to find the courage now to ask you to forgive them of their sins, and to truly believe that you are God, that you died on the cross for them and three days later raised from the dead. I pray that they will ask you to be lord of their life and to kindle your light inside them as you make your home with them, and give them the gift of the holy spirit. Help them to take the next step and find a good church to grow in and people who genuinely love You who can then love them. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.


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Will You Follow Me!? Continue the discussion after the video…no pressure, just conversation!! Hope you will check this out and if you feel so moved, share it! Also please visit the website! http://www.fallingplates.com/ if you want to talk to the world and not just to little ol me!

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My precious daughter

Today, is a very good day! Today my darling little girl, with the faith of a child prayed and asked Jesus into her heart! I have known no greater joy as a mother…then the joy that welled up in me this morning as my little girl who is little more than two years old took that first step. I have been praying for this day since before she was born, that God would reveal himself to her in such a way that her little heart would understand and that as soon as she was able that she would accept Him as her savior! My prayers have been answered today. I know she understands only with a child’s understanding and yet I know that Jesus has kindled His light in her on this day all the same! Rejoice with me!!

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This has been hard. 

I don’t normally cry. 

I know who can help you, but you wont give Him a try. 

You ask what to do.

You ask what it means. 

But when I try and show you, you just get so mean.

Why even bother, you won’t like my response and yet you still test me with such hate in your heart.

I try to remember that your just lashing out, somehow you feel like God let you down. 

Man is not God though, we always fail. 

Please don’t use us as an excuse not to believe…God is bigger that that, just look and you’ll see. 

While some people do cruel things in the name of my King, God gave His life so that you could be free. 

Let Him call you redeemed. 

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